Affordable & Liveable Fast & Sustainable Human & Digital How do we live?

Affordable, smart & sustainable living

Living longer together

Imti is in the business of creating a better life together. We make construction fast, profitable and climate-friendly. We turn contradictions into powerful formulas. We are a community to foster innovation. Join us.

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Affordable & Liveable

20% below market price
Fixed costs and project timelines
Higher living quality features

Human & Digital

Community platforms
Modular design technology
Digital planning with AI
Architectural freedom

Fast & Sustainable

Only months from planning to completion
Wood based & renewable materials
Circular life – climate neutral

“We make living affordable and sustainable – with Modultecture ®”

Affordable Living

More liveable for communities

Imti buildings are smart and liveable. They inspire through their natural atmosphere and offer the latest smart tech features and quality materials.

The modularity technology Modultecture ® allows the house to be adapted to the needs of the users and the community. Literally a community building.

Since better housing has great impact on our lives and our current and future society, it should be within everyone’s reach.

Revolutionary Construction

Radically faster & more profitable

Imti works with a completely new construction technology Modultecture ® which enables the digitalisation of the entire value chain from design to production to recycling.

Only months from planning to completion: Real time planning with our AI-based platform radically saves time and money, and quickly remedies the housing shortage.

Imti housings are produced in a factory and then delivered to the place where they are needed. The imti system guarantees low cost and allows architectural freedom.

Sustainable building and lifecycle

CO2 reduction, reuse and recycling

Imti buildings are wood based and build with renewable materials  instead of energy-intensive building materials such as steel or concrete.

Our manufacturing process is CO2-friendly. Even when the house is in use, it can grow and change with its users and the community. Just as easily as we put it together on the building site, we can take it apart and reassemble it or reuse or recycle its materials.

With our system we are part of  a new league of gigacorns, saving gigatons of CO2 emission.


We are proud of what others say about us:


“The concept of Imti Enterprises could be a welcome support in our efforts to provide sustainable, liveable and affordable housing to the people around the French capital. Imti is ticking all boxes here. On top it's unique modultecture technology allows to mass produce high quality housings in weeks vs years.”

Alexandre MisoffeGeneral Manager GPIA
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Living well and doing good, works.

Anyone who constructs a building, wants to use it and not primarily save the world. Only when it is profitable, we can shift the industry.

Wood is 95% recyclable.
Currently 52% of the German waste is generated by the construction industry, of which only 30% is recyclable. 1
13.000 housing units/year
= 400.000m3 of wood installed
= 270.000 tons stored CO2 2
Up to 70% time saving in construction of an Imti building from Modultecture® – regardless of the asset class. 3
Approx. 40 % less preparatory work 4

I’m Living

Apartment complexes built to Building Class 4

I’m Working

Office and administrative buildings

I’m Happy

Day care centres and schools

I’m Tall

Multi-storey residentials to Building Class 5

Living longer together!

Imti creates affordable living spaces for the co-existence of people and planet.

How do you want to live?

We discuss ideas for better, more sustainable construction and living.

Faster, cheaper and more climate-friendly construction.

Climate researcher Prof. Dr. Schellnhuber about his „Bauhaus der Erde“ initiative.

Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen about his foundation and his commitment to climate protection.





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